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Name  : Muhammad Rachman Mulyandi

E-mail  : [email protected]

Phone  : 0818 696 343

Address  : Jl. KH. Soleh Ali No. 50 ‎Tangerang

Place & date of birth : Jakarta, 21 June 1982

Marital Status : Married

Healthy : Good and in healthy condition

Height / Weight : 173 cm/90 kg

Hobby : Reading, Sport, and Traveling

Nationality  : Indonesian

Languages  : Indonesia and English (spoken & written)


Muhammad Rachman Mulyandi commonly called Yandi was born in Jakarta, 21 June 1982. Residing in Jl. KH. Salah Ali No.50 ‎Tangerang. His hobby is reading, sport, and traveling. He was married. Be taken of the latest educational in Bandung Institute of Technology – School of Business and Management. Began to join in the Perguruan Tinggi Raharja from 2011 to the present and now serves as a Lecturer at the Perguruan Tinggi Raharja since February 2009 - now. And he became a lecturer in Perguruan Tinggi Raharja.

Education History


Tadika Puri Kindergarten 1989
Islamic Village Elementary School 1994
Al-Azhar BSD Junior High School 1997
Al-Azhar Boarding School Cikarang Senior High School 2001
Pelita Harapan Business School

Degree: Bachelor in Marketing and Human Resource Management

2001 - 2007
Bandung Institute of Technology – School of Business and Management

Degree: Master Business and Administration in Leadership, Marketing and Entrepreneur Management

2009 – 2011


Training in Calculating Unit Cost in Hospital 2009
Training in ERA Marketing Excellence Center 2008
Seminar “Overcoming the Fear at Public Speaking 2007
Table Manner Course at Holiday Inn, Bandung 2007
Training in Agung Sedayu Marketig Executive Center 2005
Seminar about “Entrepreneurship from the view of Business 2005
Workshop about “Computer Graphic Fundamental” 2005
Seminar about “Introduction to Stock Exchange” 2001
English Course at UET in English Conversation 2001
English Course at EF in General English 2001
English Course at EEP in Express English 2001

Employment History

Company Name Date
PT.Agung Sedayu Group 2006 - 2007
ERA Odelia Real Estate Company 2007 - 2008
PT. Usada Insani 2007 - 2011
Raharja University 2011 – Now


  1. Familiar with Real Estate Marketing & Hospital Industry
  2. Familiar with Ms. Office (Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Ms. Power Point)
  3. English both oral and written
  4. Know about Indonesia Tax Regulation
  5. Familiar about lecturing (Entrepreneur, Management, and English)
  6. Familiar with Internet and Local Area Network
  7. Know about Microsoft Access and MYOB
  8. Familiar with Unit Cost Calculation
  9. Familiar with Marketing Research

Computer Skill

Office MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS Power Point, MS. Outlook, Internet Application, Multimedia Tools
Programming Visual Basic
Data Processing and Analysing SPSS
Web Design Blogger, CMS, and Word press
Image Design Adobe Photoshop, Adobe premier



Name of organization Position Date
Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Informatika & Komputer (APTIKOM) Member 2011 - Now
Political Party Special Political Staff 2010 - Now
Ikatan Alumni Institut Teknologi Bandung (IA-ITB) Member 2010 - Now
Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia (ISEI) Member 2010 - Now
University Student Union Staff of Education Division 2003 - 2005
Student Network Organization Staff 2003 - 2005
Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen Head of Public Relation 2003 - 2004


Name of Committee Position Date
Rapat Kerja Perguruan Tinggi Raharja–Get a Better Future by Computer Science Vice of Committee December 2012
Indonesian Hospital Association – Unit Cost Calculation for Good Corporate Governance Member of Committee February 2009

Research Published

Tittle Date
Marketing Strategy using Search engine optimization August 2012
Payroll System Information for Teacher in school March 2013
Innovation internet marketing strategy using Search Engine Optimization at the University of Semarang Dian Nuswantoro June 2013
Payroll information system design web-based teachers in the SMA N 6 STIKOM Tangerang in Bali January 2013


  1. 2012 : As a Contributor at Scientific Journal in Dian Nuswantara University Semarang
  2. 2011 - Now : Speaker and Trainer in Raharja University Seminar and Workshop subject as Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, IT Governence, Search Engine Marketing, etc
  3. 2011 - 2012 : Moderator in an International Seminar: Entrepreneurship & Strategy, SAP, and motivation

Special Course / Training

Title Trainer/Facilitator Time Venue
ISO 9001:2008 Training for Auditor Lloyd & Partner Consultant October, 2012 Tangerang, Indonesia
Writing Scientific Journal Raharja University Feb, 2012 Tangerang, Indonesia
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Google ad words & MM Centre October, 2011 Bogor, Indonesia
Unit Cost Calculation Hospital Indonesian Community March, 2009 Jakarta, Indonesia
ERA Sales System Training ERA Indonesia Feb, 2008 Jakarta, Indonesia
Table Manner Training Holiday Inn Team May, 2007 Bandung, Indonesia
Agung Sedayu Marketing Excellence Agung Sedayu Group June, 2005 Jakarta, Indonesia


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