ILearning Framework

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The Power of iLearning , inspiring Pribadi Raharja to the new Pinnacle of success that we can never imagine before bringing joy and wonder into lifelong learning. With iLearning, learning is not all about classroom but wherever and whenever you are and whatever you do constant process of enjoyable learning is what iLearning all about. Imagine the power of inspirational lecturer end enlightening students taking different roles in the teaching and learning process but together as a lifelong learner, iLearning is synergestic and integrated best educational learning practices, exploiting most advances multi-touch iPad device, supporting seamless peer communication and sharing process, thus providing ultimate learning benefits. In Raharja, we have perfect match of iLearning community, infrastructure, resources, academic and management all in one complete package called iLearning Framework. Well organized and structured iLearning Framework ensures Pribadi Raharja to experience iLearning in this campuswide ideal environment. In the 2011, with Apple researchers, Raharja first unveiled groundbreaking iLearning methodology called iLearning Framework. iLearning Framework offers integrated flexible and comprehensive program, identifying and reaching all types of learners, benefiting everybody who engages and participants in this learning environment. For two years of implementation process in Green Campus, iLearning is proven to be The one and only learner solutions where student is dynamically accelerated in their learning process. In Raharja, we celebrate success by doing iLearning everyday, enjoy every fulfilling moments in this lifelong learning.

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